Best Way to Write Fetching Headlines for Your Blogs

  1. Be Special
Add elements that make you stand out from the other dozen brands that are telling the same story. This can be risky but if done right you have the reader’s attention, which is the whole point of advertising. 2.Use Attractive Words: What, Why, How, When Trigger words are known to induce reactions from readers. Of  course this doesn’t imply that anything including a trigger word would fetch you brownie points. The key is in effective copywriting skills. For Example:  “5 Reasons Why digital marketing hike”
  1. Combine Numbers
It’s no secret that most copywriters use numbers in their headlines. The simple fact being that it works! Readers love lists, and numbers attract them to the possible solutions that the content may provide. It’s safe to stick to single digits because they’re easier to remember, but odd and random numbers like 5 or 15 seem to click with readers just as much.
  1. Keep it simple
An analysis at Hubspot shows that headlines that are shared the most across social media are 9-14 words in length. The most Twitter shares contained headlines between 8-12 words, while the ones on Facebook containing 10 or 14 words received the most Likes. It’s essential to be specific and descriptive in the headline, about what the consumer can expect in the content.
  1. Always Ask Query
A question can make a great headline given that it very aptly delivers the essence of your content without being random or too witty. Moreover, it doesn’t fail to make the reader feel involved. If your content is regarding products and services, tie the major benefits into the question. For Example: “Trying Hard to Quit Smoking? Read This”
  1. Be Responsive
Your headline should be able to tell the reader how they are likely to be benefitted from your content. The promise of a solution that you offer in your headline can motivate your reader enough to click and read through. For this tip, it helps if you know your target audience.
  1. Cover Superlative + Keyword
Always incorporate an adjective and your keyword into your headline to give the reader an interesting visual about your content. Adjectives are like colours; they add character to your headline. Another simple formula would be: <Number/Trigger Word> + <Superlative> + <Keyword> + <Deliverable>

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